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Get in touch if you're working on something incredible (but very credible) in: AI, Web3, Longevity/Biotech, Climate Tech, Space, or any moonshot frontier that's irresistibly interesting.

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Reputation staking [testimonials]

"Elizabeth is a visionary."

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Balazs Slezak
CEO, Propagent

"Elizabeth is a smart, well-informed, hardworking, authentic, original thinker which is a rare and valuable thing."

elizabeth hunker testimonial
Miko Matsumura
General Partner, Gumi Cryptos

"Great rants."

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Maomao Hu
Partner, Eigen Capital

"the crypto world is full of posers and fakesters. A very select few actually get it. Elizabeth is one of those."

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Fred Krueger

"Elizabeth sees both the big picture and the details when it comes to offering analysis and consultation. She's able to synthesize complicated decisions, break things down into manageable steps, and modularize the priorities so you have a clear path forward. She's even a master at visualizing all of the above. Social Evolution has benefitted enormously from her input."

elizabeth hunker testimonial
Max Borders
CEO, Social Evolution

"Elizabeth, has among other things a brilliant strategic mind! When one combines her thought leadership, humor, wit, and work ethic--she is unmatched. I witnessed Elizabeth on a professional level elevate the conversation on the future of work, blockchain, and civilization at several conferences. She also connected me with one of her colleagues that helped move my career forward."

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Michael Henderson
Chief Innovation Officer, InterLocal

"Elizabeth is someone I've observed to be fiercely intelligent, determined, and generous with her knowledge. The scope of thought and ambition with which she functions is both intimidating and inspiring. I have no doubt she is capable of tremendous impact in society and am excited to see what's next for her."

elizabeth hunker testimonial
Christopher Jones

"Elizabeth is a highly driven entrepreneur with proven track record of high performance."

elizabeth hunker testimonial
Tsolmondorj Natsagdorj
CEO, ZeroLabs

"Quite frankly, Elizabeth is one of the smartest people I know. Her ability to coalesce disparate ideas and, perhaps more importantly, her capacity to untangle the inessential give her x-ray vision into the inner workings (and therefore weaknesses) of a company or concept. She goes straight to the heart to focus on what matters most to realizing success."

elizabeth hunker testimonial
Shannon Ewing
Strategic Alliances, Sodality Partnerships

"Read what the CEO’s are saying about her. The ego on this chick 🤮 "

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Nate Murphy
Influencer, BBG

Time is nonfungable.

International recognition for work with startup to Fortune 1000 innovators, venture funds, and opportunity zones to support technology & entrepreneurship in developed and emerging markets.

Neuromorphic Swiss Army Knife

Robot, The Algorithm, Cyborg - all common accusations descriptors of the work & bearing of Elizabeth.ai

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If you build it, they won't come. Don't take your go to market & capital allocation strategies from movies about baseball ghosts. Need help ID'ing the MVP (minimum viable product, 🚫 ⚾)? Dimmi 🤌

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DATA DrIVEN AS a Statistician's Lambo

Bayes' probability theorem, revising beliefs given new observations. Judge data relevance & utility by the case you face. Need a data strategy? Talk to me.

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100% Trustless
Human OS

Due diligence is utterly broken. Don't trust me - stop crossing the street based on what pedestrians in your periphery are doing - scope the street yourself.

For scalability here, smart contracts are the new no brainer, (insurance innovation is the next one) so let's hash one out >>

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Powered by a robust feed of datasets

I enhance the efficacy of anything I'm allowed to.

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Questions? Ask.
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Elizabeth Hunker on MIT Technology Review Media Lab Cambridge University Future Frontiers CryptohouseElizabeth Hunker MIT Technology Review Blockchain Believers cover photo at Cambridge University

Know-it-all, builder & quant-driven generalist

Weirdly good deal-flow. Invited to invest into early decentralizing technologies, federating machine learning, seeding neuromorphic hardware & 'AGI' moonshots. From 280 characters to flying cars, one dongle at a time.

I operate:

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Long only
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Normalizing abnormalities
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Orthodoxy is intellectually & ethically lazy.


A selective recreation of reality according to one's own value system, from canvas to infrastructure.

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The practice of excellence in the craft of the utilitarian and aesthetic, from concept to execution.

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