Have you seen the Old Masters' drawings? The sketches before The School of Athens was painted, or before a chisel was taken to the Carrera marble that would be David. The genius there lies in breaking the grand into smaller stories, tasks, and subtasks. Let's connect dots.

Modus Operandi

Research - Predict - Declare - Do - Review - Reiterate.

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Mesh networks, peer-to-peer systems, digital assets & other leap-frog technologies have proven superior systems for an exponentially agile global market. Looking for help here? Let me know.

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Why BTC was created is also why I started studying how systems break. Averaging change with averaged rules for averaged circumstances won't work. Distribute disinterested nodes & actionable insight will follow. I can help you there.

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What is measured, improves. That which reports, stays honest. For everything else, contracts. Let me know if I can help you with your data strategy.

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Whitepapers don't sway adoptors. Lowering  costs below promised benefits will catalyze the larger moves - and that's what we're now seeing. Need limbic hacks? Tell me more.

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My mission

Ubertarianism. I disagree that Distributed Ledger Technology won't dramatically improve the messes our monetary system has created & undergone. The transition will just feel like a 'slow boil' Uber-esque innovation.

An option is added to a previously monopolistic market, slowly but surely rendering incumbents moot. In the case of Uber, we've seen  use of roads down, carbon emissions down, an entire gig economy layer added for transitional employment needs - and a world of previously nonexistent possibilities, now open.

This market turned speculative because the potential became obvious, and it got volatile because utility adoption has been the minority.

But the switching cost for institutions has been sinking, mass consumer & enterprise adoption is up - the floor is raising, and becoming more solid. The transition is in progress. Just give it a minute.

TL;DR: It's early days, and I am excited to be an active player in it.

My story

From a formal background in start ups, NGO, GO and corporate settings, my experience has yielded a deep-bench, multi-vertical network via a richly collaborative professional path in material and product development, go-to-market & scaling strategy, operational architecture, and a full Swiss army knife suite of technical-generalist skillsets.

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Starting my career in longevity VC, decentralized systems building, and unpacking the power of memetics - I now have the luxury to choose to work alongside proven, like-minded individuals and teams, to do more in sum than can be achieved in parts.

ie. In 2014, I was building a peer to peer navigation app, Volo, which participated in Jason Calicanis' urban innovation accelerator program, TUMML.

When shopping around for an analytics service, we visited the office of
Upsight, where they offered to have us participate in the private beta of their new feature, where we could push pop up ads to users, based on geo-fences we could draw on the map.

I immediately wanted to pivot our business to an
augmented reality, gamified version of the navigation app - to have our users engage with their environments both during the journey, and at the destination.

I told my cofounders, "
Think Pokémon meets Foursquare."

We didn't do it. Two years later, we would see the release and, albiet brief, success of
Pokémon Go.

I still love the idea of applying the AR XP commercially, integrating QS and productivity spaces.

But I digress.

I no longer need to let hypotheses worth testing grow stale on the back-burner.

Interested in exploring overlap? Grab some time.

2014 - Co-Founder, VOLO

Decentralized P2P Navigation App

Tumml Urban Accelerator by Jason Calicanis, Partnership with SF MTA, Uber GC Advisor, Sold bidding algorithm for modest exit.

2016 - COO, Interim CEO, ArtSquare

P2P Marketplace

Artists manage, monetize & NFTize their work in a peer to peer, blockchain-backed (in partnership with platform. Break even exit, selling acquired community and data to UGC art marketplace platform.

2018 - Advisor, Investor

Distributed Leger Technologies

Internationally Transferred Mitigation Outcomes - DecentraNET - GNHC - SingularityNET - Snips - Iris AI - American Condor Resource Company - HODLing: BTC since 2010, ETH since 2014, REP in disappointment, and a further diversified stack that can be disclosed... privately.

+Work with global municipalities on constructing Special Economic Zones, better ID systems & scalable humanitarian structures.

2021 - PM, vLAB & ETR

Primary technology market research

Tech Executives surface coming infrastructural shifts + the driving reasoning via longitudinal surveys, idea dinners + a network of subject matter experts.

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" will become clear that the Internet’s impact on the economy has been no greater than the fax machine’s."
- Paul Krugman (#nevernotbullyingkrugman)


Partners, collaborators & clients.