Formal collaboration to open my network, experience & time to scale ops + assessments of market landscape, product & whitepaper guidance.


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Network Sharing
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About the Plan

As a mentor and advisor to organizations, I provide advice and assistance, for up to 20 hours a month, making myself available to:

  • Meetings: Attend bi-monthly strategy meetings, scheduled Advisory Board meetings, internal project-related meetings and meetings with potential customers, investors, strategic partners, vendors or employees.
  • Responsiveness: Provide quick responses to email requests and phone calls from the Company and from others associated with the Company.
  • Contacts: Make introductions & assist in the acquisition of, marquee customers, strategic partners and key industry contacts and attend meetings with such potential customers, partners and key contacts.
  • Projects: Assist the Company on at least one strategic project as requested by the Company during the term of this Agreement. 

From Idea stage projects to startups and growth stage companies, remuneration is in line with industry standards.

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